Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking Podcast – Episode 15: Covington Vodka

Proudly recorded from Test Pattern Studios.

In the News: Olde Mecklenburg Brewing, Sanctuary Vineyards, Morgan Ridge Vineyards, Mystery Brewing Company.

Meet the Maker: Covington Vodka owner Jimbo Eason sits down with Tim and Jordan and talks about why he chose sweet potatoes to make his vodka with and the history of the distillery. Because it’s sweet potatoes and not regular potatoes like traditional vodka, Covington’s Sweet Potato Vodka is “Gluten Free and Putin Free.” And, it’s the “Best Yam Vodka on Earth!”

Food for Drinkin’: Chef Tim Grandinetti sends us some delicious Bison Meat Loaf with tobacco onion straws and creamed spinach from Spring House Restaurant Kitchen & Bar.

Mix It Up (the art of the drink)Snow Hill Paradise
2oz Covington Swt Potato Vodka
2½oz Basil Mango Juice*
½oz lemon vanilla syrup**
Top with tiki two two bitters

*Basil Mango Juice
1 mango char grilled
2 cups mango juice
5 basil leaves
Strain and chill

**Lemon Vanilla Syrup
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1 whole lemon sliced

Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking Podcast – Episode 13: Childress Vineyards

Proudly recorded from Test Pattern Studios.

In the News: Grove Winery & Vineyards, Fonta Flora Brewery

Meet the Maker: Mark Friszolowski and Christine English from Childress Vineyards are in the studio to talk about the history and happenings of Childress and their fantastic wines. We sample and rate 5 different wines from this big-time winery. You should check out their facility, as well, because that is one beautiful setup.

Food for Drinkin’: Chef Tim Grandinetti sends us some delicious Bison Meat Loaf with cheesy grits from Spring House Restaurant Kitchen & Bar.

Mix It Up (the art of the drink)Wild Thing
2oz Sutlers Gin
1½oz Lemon Crack’d Pepper Syrup*
¾oz St-Germain Elderflower
¾oz Hibiscus Tonic**
4 muddled cucumbers

*Lemon Crack’d Pepper Syrup
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
Juice of 3 Lemons
4 Sprigs Rosemary
2 Tablespoons fresh cracked pepper
Cook on high until boil

**Hibiscus Tonic
1 cup dried hibiscus flower
12 oz tonic
Let sit overnight

Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking Podcast – Episode 12: Copper Barrel Distillery

Proudly recorded from Test Pattern Studios.

In the News: Craft, JOLO Vineyards, Raffaldini Vineyards, Ponysaurus Brewery

Meet the Maker: George Smith and moonshine legend, Buck Nance come down the hill from North Wilkesboro and treats Tim and Jordan with some fantastic moonshine. Not only do we have the “white lightning” but the strawberry, blueberry and black cherry flavors, all available in your local ABC stores and some new stuff, apple pie and espresso flavors that will be soon. Great guys and great stuff.

Food for Drinkin’: Chef Tim sends us two items from his Umami Tsunami ramen pop ups: Turkey Paitan/Tonkotsu Ramen from Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar.

Mix It Up (the art of the drink)Mountain City Day Breeze
1 ½ oz. Copper Barrel White Lightning
2 oz. Caramelized Pineapple Reduction
1 oz. Passionfruit juice
¾ oz. Dark Agave

20oz crushed pineapple
4 oz. turbinado raw sugar
8 oz peach nectar
24 oz pineapple juice
10 basil leaves.

Take pineapple and sugar in a pot on high for 10 minutes until amber color. Add peach and pineapple juice and reduce by half. Steep 10 basil leaves.


Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking Podcast – Episode 11: Great Wagon Road Distillery

In the News: Raylen Vineyards, Olde Mecklenberg Brewing, Walton’s Distillery, Mystery Brewing, Fortnight Brewing, JOLO Winery, Crude Bitters.

Meet the Maker: Oliver Mulligan from Great Wagon Road Distillery is in and we talk about his fantastic spirits. He gets high marks, especially from his Rua, which has basically made the distillery famous! We try several more, though. A lot of good stuff from Great Wagon Road!

Food for Drinkin’: Chef Tim Grandinetti sends a fantastic Irish-inspired sausage and pasta dish for us to try.

Mix It Up (the art of the drink)Get Down with the Brown.
2oz Rua Single Malt Whiskey
3oz Molasses Black Pepper Sage Reduction¹
¾oz Roses Lime Juice
Top with Crude Rizzo Bitters
Rosemary Lemon Oil²
Two sage leaves (slapped)

¹Molasses, Black Pepper, Sage Reduction
1 cup brown sugar
½ cup white sugar
1 cup molasses
¼ cup apple cider vinegar
3 cups water
1 tbsp coriander seed
2 fresh sage leaves
3 tbsp whole black pepper
Reduce on high heat by half. Refrigerate until cool

²Rosemary Lemon Oil
3 rosemary sprigs
Juice and zest ¼ lemon
1½ cup olive oil
Let set for 24 hours to meld flavors

Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking Podcast – Episode 10: Broadslab Distillery

In the News: Boxcar Bar and Arcade, Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Outer Banks Distilling, Providence Restaurant, Raffaldini Vineyards

Meet the Maker: Jeremy Norris, the owner and distiller of Broadslab Distillery is in the studio to talk about his distillery, its history, his grandfather, where the name of the distillery came from and yes, we tasted a right many of his fantastic spirits.

Also, Brent Lain of Old Southern Moonshine Revival (OSMR) is in the studio to talk about their new album that is coming out soon and we debuted a song from that album. A world-exclusive! And, we must say he has one of the most righteous beards ever seen.

Mix It Up (the art of the drink)Black Magic Woman
Muddle 5 blackberries in the mixing glass
1½ oz Broadslab Legacy Shine
¾ oz Broadslab Carolina Coast Spiced Rum
1½ oz Pomegranate Juice
Juice of ½ lemon.
1½ of honey saffron syrup (recipe below)
Shake and strain

1 part honey
1 part warm water
3 saffron threads
Mix and let set overnight.


Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking Podcast – Episode 8: The Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Company

In the News: Tap Hopper Tours, Southern Grace Distilleries, Great Wagon Road Distillery, Oskar Blues

Meet the Maker: Rim Vilgalys is in the studio with Tim and Jordan and tells about the history of the Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Company, why they started it and how they do their work. Brothers Vilgalys does some fantastic liqueurs including the now-famous Krupnikas. We get to try several different ones.

Mix It Up (the art of the drink)That Apple Bottom Martini
1¾ oz. Brothers Vilgalys Krupnika
1 oz. Pomegranate Juice
2 oz. Apple Butter
1 oz. Honey Syrup (1 part water, 1 part honey, pinch of paprika, pinch of Salish (smoked salt))

Shake and strain into a martini glass. Enjoy!

Slàinte mhath!

The First SippingNC Blog Post

SippingNC: The Art of the Drink is a podcast (coming soon) and blog that focuses exclusively on libations (beer, wine, spirits) that are made in North Carolina and is written and maintained by Tim Beeman and Jordan Keiper. The podcast will be part of The Less Desirables Network, joining other podcasts like The Less Desirables, Fan Interference, The Beer Dads and The Man Who Ate the Town.

There will info, tidbits and educational pieces on NC brewers, vintners and distillers coming often and we’ve already recorded two episodes of the podcast and those should come out in the next few weeks. We’re proud of the content and look forward to sharing it with you.2016-11-10-15-58-44

So, this is our first “official” blog post. Sure, we’ve gone back and backlogged our Facebook posts to keep them blog style, but this is the first blog post specifically for the blog. We appreciate the loyalty you’ve shown us so far; the response and support has been incredible. Keep watching here and on the Facebook and Twitter feeds for news on the podcast.

Cheers & Slàinte Mhath!