Durham Distillery: Young but Mighty

Durham Distillery opened just over a year ago in Durham, North Carolina with a vision of creating the best gin in the country. Melissa Katrincic and her family had a passion for gin and wanted to expand the horizon for gin drinks in North Carolina.


Combining science and Distilling, the Kaptrincics created one of the best gins in the world; most recently winning an award for one of the best distilleries in the country. Conniption American dry combines the flavors of cucumber and citrus while their highest award winning gin, Conniption Navy Strength, has amazing flavor – notes of fig throughout and is simply breath taking.

I, myself, have enjoyed the Navy Strength a number of times and think the awards it’s won are well-deserved. If you’re a gin drinker and have not experienced Durham distillery, yet, then head on down to your local NC ABC store and pick up a bottle, soon.

Tim and I both look foreword to having Durham Distillery on our show and talking with them about their passion and, of course, reviewing their gin. As always #DrinklocalNC and listen to Sipping NC:The Art Of The Drink for all your North Carolina alcohol needs.

Cheers – Jordan

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