Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking is a podcast and blog that focuses exclusively on libations (beer, wine, spirits) that are made in North Carolina and is written and maintained by Tim Beeman and Jordan Keiper.

Tim Beeman – Podcast producer and blogger. Founder and producer of The Less Desirables Network he produces, not only SippingNC, but also The Less Desirables, Fan Interference, The Beer Dads and The Man Who Ate the Town and has almost 800 podcast episodes under his belt. He also writes The Man Who Ate the Town Food Blog. He is married to his beautiful wife, Stephanie and they have a son, Trey, 14.

His favorites:
Beer – Tim’s a fan of the darker styles of beer. Porters, Stout, Oktoberfests and ESB are his main faves.
Wine – A variety of wines, but he’s a big fan of sweet wines: sweet whites and reds. But, he’s started to really appreciate jammy reds such as malbecs.
Spirits – He drinks a little bit of everything, but ryes, bourbons and scotch are his recent obsessions.

“I’m ecstatic to be doing my third podcast that involves libations. I’m especially excited to be bringing the great creators of said libations to new audiences and turning them onto the fantastic beers, wines and spirits they have waiting right here, in North Carolina.” – Tim

email: tim@sippingnc.ws

Jordan KeiperJordan Keiper is co-owner and mixologist for The Tavern In Old Salem. A classically trained chef, Jordan creates chef driven cocktails. His passion for North Carolina’s growing distilleries, wineries and breweries was the spark in creating Sipping NC: The Art Of Drinking. While he loves to create unique drinks and has a challenging cocktail program at his restaurant, Jordan has a love for teaching people about different alcohol and inspiring people to try something different. Jordan has been featured in numerous magazines and papers across the country and has been called one of the top mixologists in the country.

His favorites:
Beer – A wide variety from lagers to stouts, it’s what ever he desires at the time although he is a huge fan of Appalachian Mountain brewery.
Wine – Big spicy reds, ones that are silky and bold that tell a story the vintner wants you to hear.
Liquor – Much like his beer, he is all over the board. However he does enjoy a great whisky at the end of a long day.

“I am extremely excited to be part of Sipping NC: The Art Of Drinking and be a voice for our amazing breweries, distilleries and wineries in North Carolina and teach people about what our state has to offer.” – Jordan

email: Jordan@sippingnc.ws