Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking Podcast – Episode 26: Birdsong Brewing

Proudly recorded from Test Pattern Studios.

In the News: Three Spirits Brewery, Skull Camp Brewing, Old Nick Spirits,

Meet the Maker: Chris Goulet is in the studio to talk about the delicious brews from Birdsong Brewing. We tried 4 distinctly different brews and had a fantastic time doing so. The origin of the name is also a funny story. Listen to find out where it comes from.

Food for Drinkin’: Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar is our food sponsor!

Mix It Up (the art of the drink)The Magician
2oz beet vodka*
4oz strawberry ginger syrup**

*Beet Vodka
6oz Covington Sweet Potato Vodka
2oz Beet tips
Let set one week.

**Strawberry Ginger Syrup
5 Strawberries
1 Cup Simple Syrup
1½oz lemon juice
3 sage leaves
1oz candied ginger
Puree and strain