Not Just White Lightning

Liquor has been in Jeremy Norris’s life ever since he was born. As a young boy he grew up watching his granddaddy and his dad make illegal liquor. A liquor that had been passed down from generation to generation. Just like many people down in the south, liquor, or moonshine, was just something that was always 14908233_271446063252275_6971184164568984306_naround; something that wasn’t out of the norm. For young Jeremy, moonshining was just something that you did.

As Jeremy grew older, a passion for shine began to develop and after much thought and a lot of test runs, Jeremy opened Broadslab Distillery in Benson North Carolina. Now, I know that moonshine is popular here in the Carolinas and everyone has their favorite, but Broadslab is much more than just white lightning. As a fifth generation distiller, Jeremy has honed his craft to making one of the best spiced rum in the country. With cinnamon and vanilla notes that explode on your palate and brighten your day, Jeremy’s Carolina Coast spiced rum is one that I drink often and one that surly gives captain Morgan a run for his money.

While ‘shine’ is what Broadslab’s legacy is built on, one of the stars of the show is his Appleshine. A brilliant play on the apple pie moonshine found in unlabeled mason jars across the south, the Appleshine is magical. Incredibly smooth with sweet notes of apple and cinnamon, it is simply amazing. Broadslab has certainly grown since I first met Jeremy at his old distillery location several years ago. He and his family has payed tribute to Jeremy’s late grandfather and built their shop and distillery on his former property, a beautiful tribute to a man that helped make Broadslab what it is today.

If you haven’t had the chance to try Broadslab Distillery’s products make sure you check them out at your local ABC store. As always make sure you #drinklocalNC and listen to Sipping NC for everything North Carolina. Distillers Association of North Carolina Our State Magazine Visit North Carolina


New Kid on the Vine

Vino!! That’s right we’re talking wine! It’s that time of year where the leaves start to fall, the sky begins to be painted with deep oranges and bright auburn colors and the temperature starts to cool down from a hot Carolina summer. That time 14910494_270885033308378_2063944550785263654_nof year when a glass of wine just seems like a perfect pairing to an array of fine cheeses as you sit around a fire and enjoy the new crisp, cool nights. A few years ago, most people would have never thought to sip a North Carolina wine while enjoying a starry night but instead a California, Washington or even French. But, that’s all changing with a new North Carolina vineyard.

The ‘new kid on the vine” is Jones von Drehle Vineyards & Winery. A vineyard that was started out of a love and passion for the highest quality of wine. The vision and goal for JVD has been, from the start, to not cut corners and create the best glass of wine possible and with the help of well known and extremely respected winemaker, Dan Tallman, Jones Von Drehle has achieved that.

Nestled among mountain plains of the blue ridge JVD created breathe-taking views that complement their breath taking wines. Dan joined Jones Von Drehle just over 4 years ago after falling in love with the idea the Jones and Von Drehle families had for their future vineyard. With the help of his expertise, JVD has created a buzz in the wine industry here in the Old North State and a positive one at that. While winning countless awards nationwide and becoming one of the power house vineyards for wine in the south, JVD has stayed true to their original vision and one that I have extreme respect for.

Yes, I might be a little in love with this winery, but when you’ve got quality like they do, well, I’d be crazy not to fall in love with them. So, instead of sitting at home this weekend, why don’t you travel on over to Thurmond, North Carolina and enjoy the calm gentle breeze of the blue ridge, relax with the rustling of grape leaves behind you and sip on one of North Carolina’s finest wines.

Now, if your wondering just how elegant and down right gorgeous Jones Von Drehle wines are, look for Tim and I to review JVD in our podcast along with many other wineries across our great state. Remember to #DrinklocalNC and support local business. #sippingNC . NC Winegrower’s Association Wine Enthusiast Visit North Carolina Our State Magazine